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Are you stressed because you aren’t getting work done? Procrastinating on an important project? Overwhelmed? Stuck for ideas? Can’t get motivated? "Get Unstuck, Get It Done" shows you how to stop fighting against your brain, and instead, leverage its natural processes to get motivated, propel yourself into action, create on command, and finally, enjoy the satisfaction of getting those projects finished. Get it Here!

Get Unstuck, Get It Done: Outsmart Your Brain to Get Motivated, Get Traction, and Get Work Done | Shannon Bradford, RichWorkZone.comDownload Your Get Unstuck, Get It Done Guide Now...Free

Featuring six brain-savvy tools to get motivated, get traction, and get work done:

Get into action when you just can’t get started.

Cut through the overwhelm of a complex project.

Never again let time poverty keep you from tackling your task.

Outwit the drive for perfection that’s keeping you stuck.

Use your brain’s connective genius to spark ideas.

Fire up your motivation whenever you need it.

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